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Olympic lifting has been around since the 19th Century when competitions were held to see who could lift the biggest weight from the floor to an overhead position in any way possible. Over time this has become a measure of a person’s athletic prowess thus it was introduced into the Olympics in 1904.

On its introduction to the Olympics the movements were divided between “1 handed” and “2 handed” events.

Weightlifting has gone through a number of changes over the years and in 1972 the rules were changed to what we now know as snatch and clean and jerk.

The first Olympic competition to include females was in the Sydney 2000 games.

The popularity behind Olympic lifting has seen an exponential growth due to the fact it is now seen as a training method that covers both gym daunted and gym confident members.

By using Olympic lifts as a training tool under varying reps, sets, weights and complexities it can now be adjusted for a large number of goals including: strength, endurance, fat loss, conditioning, sports performance, power, mobility

To allow our members to feel comfortable when performing Olympic lifts within our clubs we have designed specific areas are made up of the following:


Black Barbell – 6ft Female Bar – 15kg / 7ft Male bar – 20kg (plus PVC training bars)

Bumper Plates – These are made of rubber so that they can be dropped during a successful / unsuccessful lift thus helping to prevent injury to you or the surrounding area

A platform or lifting area – Some clubs will have a designated lifting platform that consists of a reinforced centerline that gives you a flat and consistent lifting area. Either side of the reinforced floor are “catch” areas. These areas are normally an energy absorbing material that will absorb the drop of the bumper plates resulting in little to no bounce. Depending on the club there may be a platforms designed to be used as an individual lifting area only, or multiple lifters.

Collar – These are clips that are placed outside the bumper plates to ensure the weights stay on the barbell. These should be used for all lifts

Lifting Blocks – 3 different height boxes that are used to breakdown the different sections of a lift (setup, mid hang and high hang). These boxes are where the weight is lifted from and also dropped back to


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