DW Fitness First and Reebok have joined forces to celebrate women in the fitness domain and inspire positive exercise habits amongst females. The partnership kicks off with the launch of Reebok brand ambassador Danielle Peazer’s dance inspired workout series based on the ‘Danielle Peazer Method’. The workout series, developed with DW Fitness First experts, will roll out in five 10-minute segments from January to May culminating in one 50-minute routine, which will be available to stream for free on multiple channels including DW Fitness First’s ‘CORE’ app and MTV.

Check out the first three workouts below. The first is a warm up or beginners routine to mobilise the body and introduce some of the movements to be used in the rest of the series. The second video focuses on core and abs and the third on upper body. Complete these separately or bolt them together for a longer workout.

"The series of workouts has been inspired by my training as a dancer and combines traditional HIIT exercises alongside more stylised moves, designed to make you feel great and keep your endorphins flowing long after you finish." ​Danielle Peazer, Reebok Ambassador.

Putting the Kit to the test

Our trainers tried the latest kit in our Thruster Burpee partner workout, here's what they thought...

"Like all my other Reebok leggings these were 100% 'squat proof' and didn't need to be constantly pulled up! It's nice when you can trust a pair of leggings so you can concentrate on your workout. Absolutely LOVE them."

Rosie Pearson, Health & Fitness Manager, DW Fitness Morecambe.

"Really loved the leggings and matching sports top, the fabric is super soft but supportive and the thicker waistband also ensure that the leggings don't slip down when you're working out. I don't usually go for patterned training kit but I had so many compliments on the design of these, everyone loved them."

Natalie Brazier, UK Group Exercise Product Manager.